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Publication: Environmental Anthropology by Michael Bollig and Franz Krause

Environmental Anthropology – By Michael Bollig and Franz Krause

Michael Bollig is the speaker of the Global South Studies Center (GSSC) and member of the reseatrch initiative “Sharing a Planet in Peril”. Franz Krause is also a member of the GSSC and is the director of the “Delta” research project that looks at how global crises – in water, economies and climate – manifest in people’s everyday lives.

In their latest publication the two look at how humans interact with their environments. How do their actions influence biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution? And how do differently situated people respond to these transformations in specific ways?

This book serves as an introduction to the research and practice of environmental anthropology. It presents current concepts and debates, and highlights key social-ecological issues. Readers will learn about the origins of the field, and about recent approaches to landscapes, infrastructures, Anthropocenes and ontologies. They can delve into environmental-anthropological research on water, plants, animals and human bodies, and are invited to explore issues around climate change, disasters, extractivism, conservation and environmentalism.


Bollig, M., Krause, F. 2023. Environmental Anthropology. Uni-Taschenbücher (UTB), Stuttgart. Link

Environmental Anthropology Bollig Krause

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