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MESH Symposium 2023 | Decolonial Cultural Ecologies

MESH 2023 Symposium SAPP Sharing a Planet in Peril

We are happy to announce that our MESH Symposium on “Decolonial Cultural Ecologies” scheduled for 26 – 28 October 2023 is growing and thriving! Our symposium’s opening keynote on Thursday evening will be presented by Professor James Ogude from University of Pretoria, South Africa. Prof Ogude is the director of the Centre for the Advancement […]

ECAS 9 (European Conference of African Studies) “African Futures”

ECAS 9 (European Conference of African Studies) “African Futures”

As member of the AEGIS network, the GSSC organized the “African Futures” Conference, which explored the past, present, and future of Africa’s global entanglements. 1900 delegates from 80 countries came together in Cologne addressing the theme by presenting 1400 papers across 245 panels/roundtables. Because the GSSC cooperated with the city of Cologne as well as […]

MESH Inaugural Symposium: Transformative Research for a World of Wounds

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Friday, 21st October 2022 International House, Seminar Room (Ground Floor) 9:30 “Writing Extinction” Hybrid WorkshopPanellists: James Bradley, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Richard Kerridge; Chair: Greg Garrard 10:30 Coffee Break 11:00 Panel 1Presentations by Willis Jenkins (Virginia), Carrie B. Dohe (Toronto), and Greg Garrard (British Columbia); Chair: Kate Rigby 12:30 Lunch 1:30 ECR Meeting (Wienand Haus library)Chair: Carolin […]

Conference: Europe and its Colonial Legacy- Postcolonial Perspectives on Europe

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Europe and its Colonial Legacy: Postcolonial Perspectives on Europe During the past decade the notion and understanding of Europe has experienced a re-evaluation within the social science and the humanities concerning its political, geographical and identitarian dimensions. One major aspect of this reevaluation has been the relation to its colonial past. This trend has strongly […]

Dr. Michael Kleinod

Dr. Michael Kleinod-Freudenberg

Project Coordinator

Global South Studies Center (GSSC)
Classen-Kappelmann-Straße 24
50931 Cologne, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)221 470-76660

E-mail: mkleinod@uni-koeln.de