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24 April 2024

Katajun Amirpur Joins Panel Discussion on Women’s Rights in Iran

Katajun Amirpur Joins Panel Discussion on Women’s Rights in Iran

“Sharing a Planet in Peril” (SAPP) member Katajun Amirpur is a professor at the University of Cologne’s Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Islamicate World and the university’s Representative for Racism Criticism. She is an expert on Iranian culture and diasporas, cultural relations between Iranian, European and Asian spaces, global reform movements within Islam, especially around gender and ecology. In April 2024 she participated in the panel discussion Women, Life, Freedom” Human Rights in Iran – an Inventory alongside renowned scolars, journalists, activists and representatives of human rights organizations to talk about the recent wave of protests in Iran.

the "aula" of the university of cologne during a panel discussion
The event took place in the University of Cologne’s Auditorium

The discussion included the following topics:

  • What is the current status of the protests?
  • How do the current protests differ from previous ones, and what are the specific demands of the protesting people in Iran?
  • Is the movement in the “West” misunderstood as feminist?
  • To what extent does the movement go beyond women’s rights demands?
  • Which human rights are endangered in Iran and why?
  • Is a change of system possible in Iran?
  • What can the German public and the international community do to support the protesters?
  • What responsibility do Western governments bear for the failure of the uprising?

Picture of Katajun Amirpur during a panel discussion
Katajun Amirpur during the panel discussion

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