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GSSC Focus Global South: „Decoloniality and Scientific Freedom: Cancel Culture or Rightward Shift at German Universities?”

Picture taken during a panel discussion by the GSSC in Cologne

Fishbowl discussion: „Decoloniality and Academic Freedom: Cancel Culture or Rightward Shift at German Universities?” The decolonization of knowledge production is at the heart of the SAPP initiative. However, the call for decoloniality in academia also spurs heated debates about academic freedom that appear to mirror larger societal discourses regarding cancel culture and the freedom of […]

Publication: Making Heterogeneous Infrastructure Futures In And Beyond The Global South

Image of traffic in Nairobi, Kenya

This article is co-authored by fourteen researchers, among them Sharing a Planet in Peril (SAPP) members Peter Dannenberg, Clemens Greiner and Javier Revilla Diez. Abstract Infrastructure has never been a single thing, understood in a universal way. Yet, there has long been a broad overarching orthodox approach in which ‘experts’ create replicable, stable, large, networked […]

Four SAPP Members featured in project mapping of “Bridges: a humanities-led UNESCO coalition for sustainability”

Cover of the brochure of UNESCO's bridges project

BRIDGES is a global sustainability science coalition organized within UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations Programme (MOST). As a humanities-led coalition that is not limited to the humanities, BRIDGES promotes transformative collaborations across academic domains of the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences in partnership with diverse communities. In June 2023 the BRIDGES Coalition began […]

Publication: Environmental Anthropology by Michael Bollig and Franz Krause

Environmental Anthropology Michael Bollig und Fran Krause Book Cover

Environmental Anthropology – By Michael Bollig and Franz Krause Michael Bollig is the speaker of the Global South Studies Center (GSSC) and member of the reseatrch initiative “Sharing a Planet in Peril”. Franz Krause is also a member of the GSSC and is the director of the “Delta” research project that looks at how global […]

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