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27 November 2023

Video: Kate Rigby featured in “Spotlight” Series by Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

This episode of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology’s “Spotlight” video-series features Kate Rigby, member of the research initiative “Sharing a Planet in Peril” (SAPP), Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Environmental Humanities at the University of Cologne and director of MESH.

In the episode, Prof. Rigby talks about her many contributions to environmental humanities and ecocriticism. Some of the topics included cover her work with European Romanticism, decolonization, and the enduring legacy of the ecofeminist philosophy of Val Plumwood. She also discusses her most recent book, Meditations on Creation in an Era of Extinction (Orbis Books, 2023), where she reflects on the challenges of extinction through theological interpretations of the Biblical account of creation.

Full video below:

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